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About Himi

The Company Himi International is the International Freight Forwarding company.Our centrifugal focus is to provide our clients a professional and economical logistics solution at their door. The integral part of logistics company is to work within a time frame already chalked according to the production/ supply schedules of the buyer/exporter. So flow of information on the status of the consignments plays a critical role in this chain , we give the utmost priority for every parcel that goes on our service to reach the marked point in time, safe and fast.

This company is manned by a team of dynamic and time gauged professionals working in close co-ordination with each other .As this field of logistics/ shipping marks its professionalism on information access, taking advantage of the revolutionised age of information everyone in this company is given individual mail access identifications, with an equal eye on monitoring the process, so with no wastage of time and avoiding routed through communications a query reaches the person in command of the job and the same minute the action starts, in case anything deviates, the monitoring head intervenes to find an immediate solution.

Our group company services affiliated to the field of shipping, right from Transportation, stevedoring, warehousing , Air cargo to custom clearance. We are well equipped to handle your shipments with atmost care and safety.


About Himi

To operate with total professionalism in pursuit of excellence and striving to attain a Numero Uno position in the industry.

Our objective in HIMI along with our partners is a major emphasis in the use of leading edge management/ logistics business by being your partner in the supply chain.

We believe that the business is not just about providing clearance/ forwarding/ logistics of goods but in providing value addition to our clients by aniticipating their needs, being responsive and become an integral part of their "Supply Chain Management"


About Himi

  • Handling variety of cargo for diverse industries.
  • Our ability to adapt our freight service to your needs and our belief that each individual customer will need flexible logistics programs to carry out their specific needs. We understand each and every aspect of your business so that we plan a program that is suited to your needs.
  • Dedicated transport lines to ensure atmost safety of your cargo.
  • Warehousing facilities at various Octroi points.
  • Excellent contacts with leading Carriers enabling us to ensure that your cargo is handled with atmost care.
  • Quality service at competitive rates.
  • Our team of professionals working in our various offices in close coordination with each other. Our large and latest fleet/ equipment comprising of trailers, trucks, forklifts, container handling equipment, cranes.


About Himi

Himi international has been handling logistics in the past years consisting of odd size, and heavy cargo, requiring special equipment and trained staff as well as large scale/ long term projects with a strong need for logistic co-ordination.

We provide customised purchasing and distribution of logistics and supply chain management services including storage, inventory control, picking and packing. We believe that clients of every size needs custom designed logistics packages in the fast evolving industry not only to stay ahead of competition but also to keep your customers by being able to get your product where it is needed, when it is neeed.

Working with us is easy, you dictate your logistic requirements and we design multi-modal packages to suit your needs. We do not stop at that, understanding that freight is an extremely fast moving and dynamic industry prone to changes, we provide regular updates to our customers on the latest in freight concepts to help keep your product better positioned in the market place.